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Sage your own way!

Posted on April 16, 2019 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)

There are many misconceptions about smudging and burning sage. Let’s get to the bottom of things so that you can be comfortable to sage your own way!

I consider myself to be an everyday girl who owns a business, works in corporate America, plays sports volunteers while listening to Cardi and admiring Coretta OKURRT. I wear head wraps when I want and 18 inch bundles to protect my natural hair. LOL My sage practices have nothing to do with you. Who I am does not disqualify me from Smudging! … Glad I got that out of the way LOL.

“You’re a witch,” or “You practice Voodoo if your burn sage?” WTF people let it go and stop the madness. I grew up Catholic, and can remember as a child incense being burned during funerals and mass ceremonies. This is what burning sage reminds me of spiritually. I am no longer catholic but this is my first experience of clearing air and ridding negative energy.

“What is Smudging you might ask and why is it a thing?”

Burning Sage “smudging” is the act of clearing energy. Sage is proven to help change the molecular structure of both the air and energy, which produces a cleansing effect. The negative ions are known to clear airborne bacteria, viruses and cleanse the air. When smudging your home or body you are in a sense removing negative energy and vibes which can be brought into your home by visitors, new objects or even negative thoughts you may have. Smudging allows you to get rid of unwanted feelings., increases your focus while creating a relaxing effect.

When you smudge it can be done as often as you would like. Once a day, week, month etc. Sage your own way and do it when you feel is best. I tend to burn sage at least once a week mainly on Saturday or Sunday mornings when I am clearing my mind to set my purpose for the week. This allows me to burn sage, listen to relaxing music, meal prep while brewing tea. This could be 10-15 minutes until the sage naturally burns out..

If I am totally out of my element and feel heavy or have had unwanted guests I smudge for a longer period of time. This could be for 30 minutes to an hour. This would be me walking around the house counter clockwise covering every corner, windowsill and opening every door to let out bad energy bringing in fresh air and positivity. I usually turn off all electronics allowing time for myself in prayer and meditation. Each time I sage I follow It with a candle to heighten the fragrance throw. Afterwards I am always relaxed and feel lighter. Do your research and what makes you comfortable.

Don’t let others tell you who can smudge and who can’t. Everyone wants to clear bad vibes and reset energy. This practice can be as deep or shallow as you make it. Your call. I personally have smudged my home, body and visitors. Ask my friends, we still laugh about how I smudged them. No shame here, now they buy it. Handmade Smudge bundles are available on my website now with fresh roses, lavender and amethyst crystal.


Posted on August 9, 2016 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (13)

Yacht Party!!!

:lol::) This season we focus on the health of the company. My company is me and I am my company. Often times you get so caught up in the events in life (be it good or bad) and often forget about your own well being. Your body is in motion and your brain is functioning but you haven't focused on you. Travelling to new places, attending sporting events, Beyonce concerts (LOL) you haven't stopped to breathe!! Vacations ending, school shopping, preparing for new classes, you haven't been able to enjoy your memories.


I must say I've had a Summer unlike the ones I've had in the past. This summer as Virgo Season approaches I plan to vision new things and take my mind, body and spirit to new places. I'll call it my own private  YACHT PARTY!!! You like how that sounds right!? For the rest of Summer 16 (read in Drake's voice) I will focus on the wellness of my physical, mental and spiritual body which houses my company. I promise to breathe in every moment and enjoy every memory. YACHT PARTY it's a celebration of self, a round of appaulase to the things that you will accomplish this season as it is not over yet. Be encouraged as life it too short. Inspire others.Give back and forget the small things! 

Check out our New Summer Fragrances Yacht Party, M. Bellish, Lemon Lavender, Pear Berry and Fabric Sheets.


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Falling For You

Hello FALL!!! The season of change has arrived and we’re ready to fall for all things great. I’ve had a great time falling in love with my new hobby of candle making, which has really been a great success for me. I’ve come to get real familiar with hard work, determination and true huSTLe!!

What have you fallen in love with lately… exercising, Pinterest, new wineries, or a new relationship? Starting a new business while working in corporate America and part timing in retail has definitely caused me to become more in tuned with myself. The pattern of Work, work again, Drink wine… Oh don’t forget to get a little Sleep, and the common question “Did I forget to eat?” has become my life LOL. I can’t complain as I am doing what I love, being an entrepreneur!!!

Fall brings us plenty of “candle nights”, nights that you can relax, reflect and enjoy the moment whatever it maybe. Thank God! I challenge you to do something new, take a different route home from work, buy a friend a nice candle, visit a park, take a road trip, or watch an old movie. Let Bellish Glam Bar help you fall in love again with life, hobbies, family and friends.


  • M. Bellish your home with our massage oil candles, giving your most sacred places a new breath life.
  • M. Body our massage oil candles as all are made with Almond Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin C. Let each ingredient give your body a soft and relaxing feeling, soothing your skin.
  • M. Brace our new fall line “Falling for You” which includes Autumn Whisper, Marshmallow Bliss, Apple Harvest and Falling for You.