Bellish Glam Bar

M. Bellish M. Body M. Brace

The Candle Bar

12oz Massage Oil Candles



All natural ingredients made for your skin and even better for your home. Light. Melt. Rub or simply enjoy the tantilizing frangrance for your favorite place in your home. 

  • Eternity - Your favorite Men's cologne with deep earth tones, teakwood and bourbon.
  • Falling For You -  A unisex fragrance with notes of, bergamot and amber wood! A sweet softness of a woman and a warm touch of masculinity.
  • In The Nude - A sensual surrender to your sense of smell. Sweet, clean, crisp with exotic 
  • Lemon Lavender - Soothing smell of Lavender with sweet relaxing notes of lemon.
  • Love Spell - You won't be able to get enough of this perfume type frangrance with floral notes just as you remember
  • New Born Baby-  Oh Baby! A familiar fragrance of baby powder that you will love. 
  • Peach Nectar-  Our #1 fragrance! Soft smell of peach with a crispy nectar finish. Not your typical peach by any means. 
  • Seduction -  Let this aroma take you over with refreshing vibes that are mixed with subtle perfume and floral notes that are great for men and women.

Please note when selecting shipping, candles can only be sent Standard Shipping if it is accompanied with a Smudge Stick. Any candle orders that have chosen Standard Shipping without a Smudge Stick will be returned.

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