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A Setback is only a Setup for a Better Opportunity

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

3 Simple Steps You Need to Know on How to Reset From a Setback!

I had a situation happen this weekend that truly blew my mind and caused me to think, "Man maybe I'm actually in the wrong.”

You ever have that happen to you?

You go out of your way to do something for someone not expecting anything back but are just blown away by the outcome? In my case, I knew I did this person a favor and quickly I realized the mistake I made by letting my guard down, and expecting more from someone than I should have. I took this as a lesson learned and here is how!

Sometimes a setback will strike you out of nowhere and have you up late at night looking crazy wondering what happened and where did you go wrong. This could be a breakup, a declined job offer, loss of a "good" friend or even a traumatic life event.  It happens to all of us and can hurt so bad or even bring you back to the old you that you thought you left behind.

Everyone will experience a setback of some form, but the question is how do you reset from a setback?

1) Identify areas of improvement and confirm if you were being true to yourself and specific with your intentions.

Did you let your guard down or expect more from someone/something than you should have? Were you pretending to be more of what someone else wanted rather than yourself, were you simply distracted on other important things in life and let this setback slip through the cracks, or did you perhaps count your chickens before they hatched... Find out ways that you could have improved before blaming someone else. I agree that setbacks can be unrelated to things that you are doing but 90% of the time we could have done something a little bit different. Take it as a lesson learned. 

2) Forgive and release tension of anger...Take me time.

Once you have identified your areas of improvement take it as a lesson learned and move on. Don't spend too much time harping on what you don't have or what went wrong as that will only increase your setback. Move forward and keep living, you will be better prepared next time. Take time to meditate, exercise, sleep a little, burn some sage and candles, escape in a book or whatever your self-care go to is and move on. If you find this part not to be so easy, then go back to the 1st  step, because you are spending too much time on the negative aspect of your situation. 

3) Get ready to accept your blessings!

Walk with your head held high and your arms open as your next blessing is closer than ever. People like to see you mad and upset, hurting and losing but fortunately this is not about them! Remember the lesson you learned and continue to grow from it. If you were denied a job opportunity, you were able to brush up on your interviewing skills. If you had a recent breakup you learned more about what makes you happy and your deal breakers. If someone cheated you out of something, there was a lesson of setting out clear guidelines and being firm. If you had to spend unexpected money on a blown out tire, you have learned to save more for the unexpected. 

Smile Sis! A setback is only a setup for a better opportunity :)

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