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3 Important Habits to Overcome Obstacles

Working it out! Getting through obstacles and balancing live.

Are you one to take on a lot of duties pouring into others and being a people pleaser? Doing these things aren’t always a bad thing if you are able to manage your time, duties and mental health.

I had the pleasure of hosting with April McKinney realtor at Realty Executives and Independent Sales Rep for Zyia Activewear on Instagram Live. These are only a few of her titles as she is also a mom, daughter, volunteer and community outreach advocate. How can you balance all of these duties while staying focused, organized and sane? How do overcome obstacles in life when you have so much that is required of you? How can you not let one set back affect your other roles in life? Questions that need answers!!! Let’s get into it…

In order to overcome obstacles you must be able to three things. These three things are important to quickly getting over obstacles and pushing through your emotions and feeling of defeat. When facing obstacles you must be able to address the issue in the moment, prepare for the issues to come and analyze the issues that occured. In the moment of a crisis it is important to ask ourselves if this one thing was truly worth spoiling our entire day

and getting down to the root cause of what is the real reason we feel defeated. Obstacles are not always avoidable as life happens and it is all apart of life right!? Meditation, breathing exercises, and journaling are all great things that can create a habit of discipline and self awareness allowing us to be open minded and flexible in our thing when an issue does arise. Having affirmations, mantras, bible verses are all weapons to be used when facing adversity. After being faced with an obstacle it is important to analyze the event that occurred and strategize how things could have been different and what can be done in the future to prevent this.

During this IG live session we spoke on being flexible and going with the flow. A planned day for each hour may not always be as effective as a lightly sketched day that allows room for being flexible. On a broader perspective we have to decide if we are working towards our vision or our mission making sure they are aligned. Vision being the future and mission being the now. Understanding the vision is where we are going and the mission is what we are currently doing to achieve our personal vision.

All of these things couldn’t be possible without a tribe of family and friends, each fostering a sense of community. Having a tribe to assist us, vent to, ask for assistance or to lean on improves our health and well being. Who is your tribe, and what name have you given them. Each tribe serves its own purpose for the need that you are looking to satisfy but all gives you a sense of purpose in life.

When looking for a tribe to support us we must first be able to show up for ourselves. Balancing live can be difficult given the times that we are in and the requirements that are expected of us. Staying active, exercising, eating healthy and making self care a selfless habit is a must. For more of what was discussed please visit my Instagram page and archived videos @bellishglambar titled Working it out! Getting through obstacles & balancing life!

Special thank you to April McKinney! She can be contacted on Realty Executives for your St. Louis, Mo real estate needs and Zyia Active the active lifestyle brand you need.

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