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  • Umm, I am interested in your candles, will this fill my whole house?"
    Our handmade massage oil candles have a soy base and are not made with parafin wax. Parafin candles are known to hold more fragrance than soy candles. Our candles will fill a medium to large space and will not fill your whole home. Parafin wax and fragrance additives that you may be used to produce lead, zinc and soot which we stray away from. We provide an all natural product that produces a clean burn. You can breathe easy knowing you aren't breathing in toxins.
  • Massage Oil Candles? Sis, that sounds too freaky for me, can you explain how it works? "
    No worries, we get this a lot! Some may have a negative connation with massage oil candles, but there is nothing dirty about self care and relaxation. The uniqueness of our candles allows you to use them for your skin. They will not flake up and harden right away like parafin candles that you may buy. Our candles contain Almond Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin C oil. The wax and wicks we use are all natural and will not burn your skin. Think of it as a hot oil treatment for your skin. Soften your hands, calluses of your feet and even those ashy elbows. Once melted the wax becomes oil that can be poured on to your skin and sinks in like lotion. Blow out candle before pouring onto skin. It is recommended to pour into the palm of your hand first. Remember a little bit goes a long way.
  • Ehh, I like to hold on tight to my candles. How long will they last?"
    If you like to stock up on candles, you'd be glad to know that the longer you hold them the better they get. Its called curring, with the ingredients we use you can hold candles for up to a year or even longer. When lighting your candle the maximum hours of burn life is 45-50 hours if you maintian it properly. This includes trimming the wick and proper storage.
  • I am super excited and just placed my order, when will my order ship?"
    As a small batch candle company, we currently ship orders on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This allows for a standard 3-4 business day handle time to carefully package your items. Orders can be shipped sooner and are processed in the order in which they are received. Shipping options are USPS Priority or First-Class Mail/Package mailed from Dallas, Texas. Rates are based on weight and the destination. Orders placed Tuesday-Thursday are mailed Saturday* Orders placed Friday –Monday are mailed Tuesday* *Orders can be mailed sooner but no later than the dates disclosed. Packages will not be mailed on holidays. These dates can change at any time and could be delayed during Fall and Winter seasons along with holidays. USPS Transit delivery time is 2-3 business days and First-Class Mail/Package is 3-5 business days. This time does not include handle time. It is your responsibility to check and double check the delivering address. Orders can be intercepted or changed if it has not been shipped. Please contact us immediately if this occurs.
  • For some reason, this isn't what I expected can I return my order?"
    We regret to hear that you may not be satisfied with your order and we would like you to know that we will do our best to change your experience and retain your business. Due to the nature of our products, all sales are final. Please send us an email with more details about your product to
  • My heart is broken along with my candles! What should I do?
    We know the transit to your home isn't always a smooth ride. We carefully package all candles and have even designed sleek packaging to ensure your candles arrive in one piece. Things happen, we understand. We are not responsible for USPS handling of packages but would be glad to review damages. Merchandise credit can be offered on items damaged during shipping if eligible. Claims for damaged products due to shipping must be made before 7 calendar days of your original shipment date. Choosing USPS Priority Mail as your delivery method insures your package and is recommended. In the event of damages, we will file a claim with USPS to get reimbursed for the shipping and damages. We will do our best to remedy the situation and replace your damaged items if the following criteria is met: -You selected USPS Priority -You contacted us within 7 calendar days from your shipping date -You emailed pictures of your damaged product to us to help with your claim
  • Hey Petunia, what's your secret on getting the best burn out of my candles?"
    What's more relaxing than a clean home and a quite space. We all know that feeling after a deep cleanse, massage, post workout or even finally getting the dirty clothes off the floor and into the washer feeling! Pure accomplishment and relaxation. For the best aroma try burning our sage or palo sticks first to cleanse the air after you have cleaned your space. Sage detoxifies the air. Follow the sage burn with our candles. You'll thanks us later!! Please burn for at least 1 hour for the first burn. Allow the wax pool to reach the edges of the jar for an even burn. This will prevent the black soot and tunneling. Trim your wick to 1/4“ after each burning for best results.
  • Sis, this candle jar is cute! What to do now that my candle is empty?"
    Once your candle is gone doesn't mean the relaxation stops there! Reuse your jar, it is great for holding DIY hair and skin care mixtures, paperclips, bobby pins, coins and so much more. Soak your jar in hot water to clean out the old wax at the bottom. Once you have wiped the jar clean you can use it as a container jar to hold your favorite items.
  • My candle is sweating and has a frost look around the side, what's up with that?"
    Sweating may occur if your candle is not stored in room temperature or due to sunlight. It is not recommended to leave your candle out in the heat or in and around areas that my get hot. Once the candle cools this will dry and will still burn the same. For best results keep your candle in a dark or dim lit area when not in use such as a closet or cabinet away from sunlight that may heat the candle and cause discoloration.
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