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Behind the Glamour



To motivate women and promote self care activities with every natural candle in every home. 


M. Bellish M. Body M. Brace.

M. Bellish the beauty within you. M. Body your spirit of manifestation. M. Brace your truth & values.


In 2014, Bellish began in St. Louis, MO known as Bellish Glam Bar. This handmade small batch candle collection is sure to create an out of body experience in the favorite places you enjoy. Bellish offers prestigious hand-made Massage Oil Candles in a variety of fragrances that are sure to fill your space with delightful scents to warm your heart with satisfaction. Each candle is made for your skin but even better for your home. 


All of our candles are great moisturizers based on the ingredients we use. We combine a mixture of Shea butter, Vitamin E & Almond Oil in all of our candles that make them great for the skin and body. LIGHT. MELT. RUB. Once you light the wick and melt the wax you are safe to massage into the skin. A little bit goes a long way!!!

Our candles are 100% recyclable and 100% Eco friendly and are free of zinc and lead. Refill your jar with your favorite items from paper clips to your natural hair care products. With a variety of candle options to choose from, we're sure you'll be hooked the moment you light one.


Marlaina B. seeks to increase the importance of self care & awareness. Being known as the loving, laid back, move in silence no worries attitude type, she decided to share with the world the things that brings her peace and relaxation. With a natural desire for entrepreneurship since the age of 10 owning her own business was always her goal. While obtaining a BSBA in Marketing Management and MBA shortly after, she set out to create a variety of ventures honing in on Bellish. Out of her endeavors, she found her niche with her unique candle company that always seemed to make its way back to her. As the company changed, her vision always stayed the same "finding ways to make women love themselves more."


Growing up in St. Louis, MO making candles allowed her to give a little sense of peace to each customer. She found it important to give time to herself and to take a mental break from reality which included lighting candles. Spiritually grounded over the years she has been able to donate products to multiple non profit organizations in the U.S. and internationally. Her greatest moments about the company is volunteering time at local schools speaking about her journey as a candle maker and entrepreneur. 

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